Hip Hop (Fri)

Arts & Crafts (Fri)

Colouring Club (Fri)

French Club (Fri)

Dolphins Swimming (Thurs)

Choir (Thurs)

Memory Club (Monday)

Reading Club (Monday)

Tennis (Monday)

Beginners Swimming (Tuesday & Friday)

Arts & Crafts from Around the World (Wed)

Tinga Tinga (Tuesday)

Let your child learn this classic Tanzanian art form, that is so much fun to do. DIA has many signs up around the school done by the artist himself. 

Drawing Club (Wed)

Football U9 (Wed)

Exploring Tanzania (Wed)

Stories & Film from Around the World (Thurs)

ICT Club (Monday)

Storytelling (Thurs)

Do It Yourself (DIY) - Push your imagination to the limits with this creative club that teaches students how to transform everyday household junk into fine art.